Drone Flying for Fun
August 1, 2018
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Drone Aerial Photography


This class is designed for professional or avid photographers and videographers who would like to add drone capability to their portfolios. Previous drone piloting experience is recommended.

Bring your own laptop and editing software, if you have it. A MAC focus will be used in class.

Drone Aerial Photography Course Options for 2019

Classes meet on weeknights from 5:30–8:30PM and on Saturdays 9:00AM–Noon.

State College Main Campus
South Hills School of Business & Technology
480 Waupelani Drive
State College, PA 16801

  • • May 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25
  • • July 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27


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Curriculum Details

About the Camera
The basic components and settings
A. Shutter Speed
B. Focus Method
C. White Balance
D. Stabilization/Vibration
E. ISO for Aerial Photos
     i. Low ISO Setting (100-200)
     ii. Medium ISO (250-400)
     iii. High ISO (500-800)
F. Aperture
G. Metering

Tips for Beginners
A. Bracket your photos
B. Use Filters
C. Watch for the drone blades
D. Keep it low
E. Use the drone’s unique movements
F. Work with nature and your surroundings
G. Use distance in your photos

Before the Flight
A. Organize microSD cards
B. Choose the best drone for the mission
     i. Inspire 1 Pro
     ii. Phantom
     iii. Mavic
     iv. Spark (Best for indoor or tight space shooting)
C. Check Google Earth satellite shots for obstructions
D. Walk the site – especially night
E. Software updated
F. Check position of sun at shoot time

Camera Prep on Location
A. White balance
B. Exposure – filters
C. Frame rates explained and set
D. D-log or other color settings

Choose the Best Software
A. Hand Flown
B. Autonomous flight zip line or orbit, way points
C. Second person to operate gimbal

Types of Shots
A. High
B. Reveal
C. Rising
D. Descent
E. Look down
F. Tracking
G. “Beauty” light reflections off water
H. Severe Angles
I. Rule of 9’s

After the Flight
A. Coloring grading
B. Matching acquisition formats Spark/Inspire
C. How much software do you need – iMovie or Final Cut
D. Photos of Capture One
E. The Adobe Suite – Do you really need Photoshop

Basics of Editing Video
A. Motion though the frame
B. Emphasize pictures over test
C. Smooth camera movements

Basics of Photo Editing and Management
A. Do you need Photoshop
B. Free editors
C. Capture One
D. Photos

About the Instructor

Chuck Ferrell is an FAA Certified Drone Pilot & Media Entrepreneur. During a 25-year career in local television news, Chuck earned the reputation for being a high-energy, innovative news executive with a track record of consistently producing high quality stories and newscasts. Whether Chuck is flying a news assignment, a luxury home, or video for a TV commercial, he’s always looking for new angles and views by hand-flying and not relying on the orbit or zip line shots common to automated flight software. But if the mission is mapping an orchard, or a thermal image inspection, Chuck’s attention to detail makes the difference. Chuck is an experienced teacher and masterful communicator.